Success Stories

What more tribute to the collective effort ...than completing 300 at an SDH and that too from remotest place Sogam. God bless all members for gigantic effort

Two Vessel one Drug benefit of thrombolysis

WELLEN'S SYNDROME or IMPENGING MI PHC Nagri Dr.Nazir on 02/07/2018

WELLEN'S SYNDROME detected by Dr.Nazir at PHC Nagri Kupwara on 02/07/2018

Shark Fin Pattern STEMI at SDH Kangan Thrombolysed by Dr.Irfan on 01/07/2018 . Shark Fin Pattern depicts extensive MI with sever LAD involvement and poor prognosis

PHC Khaltsi Leh. Dr.Wangchuk on 29/06/2018 23 year old with fracture both bones has breathlessness and spo2 of 64%. ECG shows S1q3T3 Pattern highly suggestive of PTE

STEMI. AWMI Thrombolysed at DH Baramulla by Dr.Athar and Dr.Charanjit on 27/06/2018


Thrombolysis of STENI at TH Kangan by Dr Junaid on 26/06/2018 shows complete ST resolutions after Thrombolysis clinically and on ECG

26/06/2018 Thrombolysis of 200th STEMI Patient today When Dr Irfan Thrombolysed STEMI at DH Anantnag he made us all proud as we together touched feat of 200Thrombolysis Procedures in 180 days.

WPW with Tachycardia 40 year female came with palpitations to SDH Beerwah to Dr.Samir case is of WPW with Atach. Patient was managed with ablation of accessory tract relivedof symptoms.

60 year Male STEMI IWMI Thrombolysed at TH Kangan on 25/06/18 by Dr.Aadil has flowing vessel on CAG done at SKIMS showing successful thrombolysis

60 year Male STEMI Thrombolysed at SDH Banihal on 20/06/2018 by Dr.Basharat and Dr Naveed has Flowing Vessel with LAD disease on CAG don at SKIMS on 25/06/2018

Pre and Post Thrombolysis of STEMI Patient managed by Dr. Javed at DH handawara on 22/06/2018

VTACH manages by Dr. Samir at SDH Beerwah by using Amiodarone injection.

STENT Thrombosis SEEMI with PCI and STENT to LAD one month back on irregular treatment presented with STEMI again with high Probality of STENT Thrombosis here SDH Magam 22/06/2018

DH Anantnag 35 year old STEMI on 22/06/2018 CAG done shows flowing vessel another successful Thrombolysis by Dr.Shabir and Team

20/06/2018 Five Thrombolysis procedures of STEMI PTS at five Institutions of State. SDH Banihal, DH Pulwama, DH Anantnag, SDH Sopore and JLNM Sgr Congrats to all teams for a marathon and massive effort of saving hearts.

WELLEN's Syndrome detected and managed at DH Handwara on 20/06/2018

Thrombolysis of STEMI at SDH Banihal on 20/06/2018. Done by Dr Basharat, Dr Naveed and ER Team. Patient shows ST Resolution and is pain free indicating Successful procedure. SDH Banihal has done 8 Thrombolysis procedures till date with Save Heart Team

CAG of STEMI Thrombolysed at TH Kangan on 16/06/2018 done at SKIMS on 17/06/2018 shown non critical Stenosis with flowing Vessel. hence successfull Thrombolysed

STEMI IWMI Thrombolysed at DH Budgam on 15/06/2018 by Dr Muzafa Ali, CAG done at SKIMS by Dr Imran shows flowing vessel but tight Stenosis for Stenting.

First Primary PCI Case of Save Heart, STEMI Detected by Dr Syed Afaq Jalali at PHC Zadibal and PCI done by Dr Imran Hafeez at SKIMS on 01/04/2018

27 Year old male NSTEMI with CAG showing Ulcerated Plaque MID LAD. Dr Afaq Jalali Detected and Dr Imran Hafeez Performed CAG. `

Successfull Thrombolysed of STEMI at HK Kupwara by Team of Dr Ajaz, Dr Rahil, and others on 08/03/2018. Tell date DH Kupwara Team Has done three Successfull Thrombolysed Procedures wirh Save the Heart

Patients Expressing Gratitude

Patients Expressing Gratitude

Endrosement by DHSK

50 Year old male came withchest pain one hour duration to TH Kangan on 16/06/18at 5am on Eid-ul-fitr mmorning.Dr Irfan with save heart Thrombolysed

Stemi from SH Shopian. Stemi with Cardiogenic Shock Thrombolysed at DH Shopian. Left main Osteoproximal Dieseas

Noncritical Coronary  Disease from SDH Sopore. No Stent requiredl

Stemi Patient from SDH Magam  Thrombolysed there. Tight Lad but flowing vessel

Stemi Patient from SDH Tangdar Thrombolysed at Tangdar.Tight lad Disease but flowing vessel