Respected Director Health Dr. Saleem ur Rehman was gracious enough to go through the pilot studies of the intiative and magnanimously endorsing the Initiative holistically by:

1. Launching it through Directorate Health services on 21/12/2017.
2. Designating 21 December as SAVE HEART DAY to be celebrated every year in the valley.
3. Providing all the capacity building support by including SAVE HEART trainings in teaching curriculum every week at RFPTC Barzulla.
4. Ensuring the provision of Emergency drugs and Clot Busters to be available at all SDH and DH level Hospitals across the division.
5. This endorsement, and commitment to include this intiative in academic curriculum from the health services gave a major and much needed boost to this initiative.
It is pertinent to mention the role of Dr. Rehana Kousar - Epidemiologist Kashmir who has selflessly supported the endeavour, worked shoulder to shoulder with SAVE HEART members, launches a special drive officially to enhance the outreach, provide trainings, facilitate distribution and propagation of protocols and algorithms all across Kashmir division and be proactive in making the initiative successful. She has played a very significant role in;

Sensitisation and awareness about STEMI care.
Capacity building and regulation of networking.
Providing official patronage to the voluntary initiative.
Coordination amongst various levels of health care.
Being proactive, receptive and futuristic.

Logo of Save Heart is  Designed by Mr Muzamil IT In-charge Police Hospital Srinagar