Save Heart Kashmir aims at providing timely and affordable management in case of acute cardiac events all across Kashmir division which lacks adequate expertise at district and sub district level peripheral hospitals. It effectively integrates all levels of health care via social networking to diagnose, discuss and thrombolyse the patient in the golden hour at the nearest health facility, as primary PCI isn't a feasible option even at the tertiary care facilities all across the state.
1. It stresses on use of thrombolysis for treatment of STEMIs in all sub district and district level health facilities with continuous support of experts via an integrated social network having about 500 doctors on board.
2. The timely management as first medical contact is the peripheral hospital and receiving thrombolysis at these centres within golden hour is the priority and then patients are subsequently referred for pharmacoinvasive management. Since we don't have medical insurance so affording angioplasties at odd hours is very difficult for majority of the patients.
3. The pharmacoinvasive procedures done at tertiary care have revealed that all patients had flowing coronaries post thrombolysis at their primary contact [peripheral hospital]
4. Hence Save heart Kashmir has contributed to reduced morbidity and mortality in patients suffering from acute cardiac events using social media as a viable tool in cardiac care.